5th Annual – Feed the Community – Thanksgiving Feast

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Feed the Community | Thanksgiving Celebration | Round-Up Saloon Dallas

Join us for an Oak Lawn Neighborhood Thanksgiving Celebration

Complimentary food & entertainment

Food service from 2:00 to 6:00

Entertainment at  4:00

A call for volunteers & donations:

Dear Community Friend,

As the holidays approach, we would like to remember to stay true to what Thanksgiving means, and that is to give thanks. Our group has always held to that, and it is time that we thank our community and those who helped shape it.

Our local HIV Service Organizations would normally hold a small dinner for their clients at their respective venues days leading up to the holiday. We offer a place for all to come together, share a meal, good company and conversation on Thanksgiving Day.

We have reached out to these organizations and they are excited to be a part of it, by inviting their clients. With that, we are looking to provide food for upwards of 400 people and The Round-Up Saloon has graciously opened their establishment for that purpose. The fixed menu dinner will be served buffet style starting at
2:00 PM and continue until 6:00 PM. Family style seating will be available.

Now is the time that we ask you, our business and community leaders, to help reach this grand moment. We are asking for donations in making this possible, such as turkeys and hams, paper goods like plates, napkins, utensils, etc. Financial donations, which are always welcome, allow us to purchase the remainder of the supplies. Any funds not utilized for the “Feed The Community Thanksgiving Feast” are contributed to the Resource Center Health Campus and the Resource Center Nutrition Center to assist in their needs.

With Thanksgiving Day rapidly approaching, we solely rely on volunteers to make this event possible. Therefore, it is necessary, for us to get confirmations in advance from our donors and volunteers as soon as possible. This will allow us time to organize, gather, and prepare this heartwarming dinner. If you are able to donate goods or monetary gifts, please let us know. We have volunteers that can arrange for pick-up of donations.

To our returning sponsors, again, thank you and to our new sponsors welcome! My contact information is listed at the bottom of this letter. I would like to thank you in advance for helping us bring our community together for what is to be an amazing celebration.

Feeding our community together,

Frank Martinez 

(214) 504-5183 

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