Credit Cards / ATM

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For your convenience, The Round-Up has two ATM machines – one outside the main entrance on Cedar Springs and a second inside our Game Room.

The Round-Up also takes all major credit cards as well as tabs initiated through the TabbedOut app on your smartphone.

Credit Card Advisory

Please be aware that when you open a “tab” at The Round-Up, or any other bar, a credit approval (“pre-auth”) is requested for amounts of $40.00 to $75.00 depending upon the size of your party and expected charge amount.

This Approved Amount is usually charged against your account by your bank.

When the Tab is closed out, the sales amount along with tip is accompanied by the Approved Amount that is held against your account for up to three (3) business days.

This is NOT a charge by The Round-Up Saloon, but a short term hold on funds by your bank until your tab is finalized.  The “pre-auth” amount will appear on your account until the final charge is posted – usually within three (3) days – at which time the pre-auth amount automatically falls off.

This problem is more complicated when a DEBIT CARD is used. The reserve amount is held against the actual cash balance of your account, and can cause problems if your balance is close to the charge and HOLD amount combined. Again, this is an issue with your bank, NOT with The Round-Up holding the funds or cash. Using a debit card at a self-serve gas pump can cause similar problems.

Please contact your bank for information on how they handle these charge rules.

Our experience has shown that Bank of America tends to hold funds longer than some banks.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is not our doing. All we can advise is to be patient until your bank releases the reserved amounts. The best idea is often not to use a debit card to open a tab.