Monthly Dance Lessons with Juanita
Starting at 8:30pm

Day Date Couples Dance
Line Dance
Monday 4/2 Free Style <None>
Tuesday 4/3 Basic Two Step Tahoe Kick
Wednesday 4/4 Line Dance Lesson Snap Back
Thursday 4/5 RuPaul's Drag Race Watch Party Tahoe Kick
Monday 4/9 Free Style None
Tuesday 4/10 Basic Shuffle Evita
Wednesday 4/11 Line Dance Lessons Something in the Water
Thursday 4/12 RuPaul's Drag Race Watch Party Evita
Monday 4/16 Free Style <None>
Tuesday 4/17 Intermediate Shuffle Honky Tonk Twist
Wednesday 4/18 No Dance Lessons Project Funway
Thursday 4/19 RuPaul's Drag Race Watch Party Honky Tonk Twist
Monday 4/23 Free Style <None>
Tuesday 4/24 Basic Shadow Soakin' Wet
Wednesday 4/25 Line Dance Lessons Chill Factor
Thursday 4/26 No Dance Lessons
Dance lessons are free and fun! Bring a dance partner or we can help find you one. For best results wear leather soled shoes and come with a can-do attitude!

Best Place to Scoot Your Boots

For more than a quarter-century The Round-Up Saloon has been one of Dallas’ premier purveyors of country and western music, dancing and good times for good folks. Although classified as a gay bar, this popular watering hole welcomes those of all genders and persuasions, and any given night will give testimony that all types are present and all feel welcome. The Round-Up features all genres of country music, including old country, new/old remakes, young country and even crossover country. In short, the range of music offers styles, speeds and tastes to satisfy all. Nearly as rangy as the Ponderosa, this large club features six different bars and areas certain to provide the desired atmosphere to comfortably lip a long-neck (read that however you like). New shows and special events are scheduled frequently to ensure things keep hopping and hooting. Regular beer busts (50 cent draft!), karaoke, free dance lessons and Friday and Saturday Howdy Hour are popular mainstays here.