A word about drinking and driving…

If you’ve heard our “Jim Beam Drink Smart” recorded message in the restrooms of The Round Up, you know that we take “drinking to excess” seriously at The Round Up. This includes allowing any customer who may have had too much to drink to be served a drink. Sometimes, they arrive here “after the fact” that they have already had enough or too much to drink. We make every effort to catch these at the door, but if by chance they hide it well enough to get into the building, our bar staff is trained and aware of symptoms to watch for.

We are all here to have a good time. We serve alcohol. That means customers are going to be consuming alcohol. The tough part is that customer knowing when to cut back or stop the alcohol intake, and switch to non-alcoholic beverages! Our employees are trained to watch for these critical moments and suggest alternative beverages, food, or leaving the club if necessary in a taxi. It is not always easy to know when that point has been reached, but we have to keep a constant watch for potential problems.

The Round Up offers a sizeable selection of Non-alcoholic alternatives from water, juices, energy drinks, and soft drinks. Coffee is always available, and is free for the asking. Sometimes, your bartender may suggest one of these drinks, and possibly insist that you have it instead of alcohol. If this occurs, he is looking out for you, your safety, and our license! We take drunkenness very seriously, and will do whatever necessary to protect the customer, our employees, and our license. Your safety inside our building and getting you home safely are always a top priority at The Round Up.

Please remember that our employees will never intentionally over-serve you, encourage you to over drink, or push alcoholic beverages upon you. You are adults, and you should know your own limitations, but that sometimes does not happen. It is then that our employees will take over that decision for you, and tell you politely that you should have a non-alcoholic beverage and to slow down your consumption, eat something, or possibly leave the establishment in a taxi. Please be aware that a licensed premise is REQUIRED BY LAW to make sure that an intoxicated customer does not drive a car. That may mean taking your keys away, arranging a ride home with friends or a taxi. The law further requires us to report any intoxicated customer leaving the club to drive their own car, giving license number of car and description of said car. That is not something that we want to do!

A taxicab ride is MUCH less expensive than a DWI or DUI, and certainly better than killing yourself or someone else. PLEASE, cooperate if you find yourself in this position, and accept the taxi ride in lieu of driving. We will all be safer, and we will both avoid a mountain of legal problems!

Thanks for coming to The Round Up. Know your limit, stick to it, and do NOT drive a car if you have had too much to drink!