Karaoke Out Loud Recap – Special guest Anesta Roaches

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Good Afternoon! Wow! Now that I’ve uncurled my toes, and I’m still working on the “lip stain” I have a TON of people to thank for last night’s Karaoke Out Loud. Most importantly: All of our customer’s and friends from here that came to support, you know who you are. NONE OF THIS is worth it without you. I make an ass of myself and enjoy it for all 8 of you. lol.

I did this last night to promote our “Does Your Mother Know‘ Round Up Turnabout show this Sunday at 8pm. All proceeds go to our private charity R.E.B.A. Come check it out and support my fellow bar staff as they dress in drag for charity “performing” your favorite hits! We’re not pros, and that’s what makes it better.

Check back next week for another update of Karaoke Out Loud and see who “made the cut”. #karaokeoutloud #takeaseat #imakemondaysuckless #roundupkaraoke¬†



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