StayProudBeLoud – Hate Crimes Awareness

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Agenda for StayProudBeLoud – Hate Crimes Awareness

  1. Michael Doughman, Tavern Guild to provide Introduction
  2. Jason Marsden & Michael Nordman – MSF Staff/MillerCoors Rep – Frame our Public-Facing collaboration with MillerCoors (this is what MSF is doing with MillerCoors) regarding pro-training, pro-safety components.
  3. Judy Shepard presents her story/provides historical background (Matthew 1998 and the Shepard-Byrd Act 2009)
  4. Subject Matter Experts

–     Police Department and/or Sheriff’s Department Rep. (Barbara Hobbs, Laura Martin or Lupe) to discuss – how the agency takes these cases seriously and what resources the dept. offers the LGBTQ community

  • Hallie Ivey, FBI Representative, discussing how federal enforcement of the Shepard-Byrd Act works, liaising with local law enforcement, need for information.
  • Nicole Dana – Assistant US Attorney – presentation around the role of federal prosecutors in using Shepard-Byrd for LGBTQ-related hate crimes in states without state-level LGBTQ inclusion in their laws.
  • Lou Weaver – Equality Texas and Rafael McDonnell –The Resource Center – the community response
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