Karaoke Headquarters on the Strip

The Parlor Bar

The Parlor is the Round-Up’s Daytime bar, opening Monday thru Friday at 3:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday, The Parlor opens at NOON, serving special Screwdrivers on Saturday, and Bloody Marys on Sunday!

The Tool Shed Bar | Round-Up Saloon

The Tool Shed Bar

The ToolShed Bar features 2 improved bar stations under a tin roof and plenty of antique hand tools, branding irons, chaps and tack. The ToolShed Bar connects to the covered patio bar, Chute 5. Chute 5 is large and features bench seating, a coat check, pool table, video screens and peanuts in the shell! A pleasant place to get away from the crowd, and talk in a more private area.

The Lone Star Bar | Round-Up Saloon

The Lone Star Bar

The Round-Up’s NEWEST feature ; a great new Austin Stone wall of arches and slate counter tops. The Round-Up is dedicated to its customers and continues to improve its surroundings in order to better your experience when visiting the club.

“Best Galdanged Gay Bar in the U.S. of A.”
– Instinct Magazine –


The Corral Bar

The Corral Bar is our outdoor patio bar and newest addition to the Round-Up points-of-interest. You never know what the bartenders back there might just have hiding up their sleeve … so make sure to head outside to the Corral Bar.

The Horseshoe Bar | Round-Up Saloon

The Horse Shoe Bar

The HorseShoe Bar features four server stations and plenty of bar space/standing room. At The HorseShoe Bar service is quick and the wait for a beverage is minimal on busy nights. The HorseShoe Bar is elevated and a great place to stand and check out the rest of the floor!

The Tequilla Shack | Round-Up Saloon

The Tequila Shack

The Tequila Shack at The Round-Up stocks over 40 premium tequilas and a large selection of ice cold longnecks, including specialty beers not available in the main bars. The beer and shooter bar will shorten your wait for drinks!